Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial water damage in an office

This client had a fire sprinkler fail and flood their office building.  This photo illustrates how much water is being removed from the glued down carpet.  The client was able to continue their business during the drying process and they were back to normal in 48 hours.

Commercial roof tarping during a wind and rain storm

This commercial building suffered significant roof failure from 50+ mph winds.  Heavy rains then flooded the warehouse below.  With more days of rain forecasted, the roof needed to be tarped to prevent further water intrusion.  This roof tarping was more than 100' long and 150' wide.  With the continuing high winds, sand bags and wood were necessary to hold the tarps down.  The experienced crews  and managers at SERVPRO of Fair Oaks / Folsom knew how to safely handle the situation and prevent further damage.  Their actions also allowed the client to get back into their building sooner so they could resume business.

Commercial Water Damage Equipment

Our team specializes in Large Loss Commercial jobs.  When water damages, floods, pipes break or fire sprinklers discharge our crews are ready for an immediate response.  Time is critical when business is interrupted.  

Commercial Large Loss Reponse

When a Commercial Large Loss occurs, SERVPRO is immediately ready with what ever resources you need.  Our experienced and professionally trained team can step in to help your business survive your disaster.

Temporary Office Setup

Businesses often cannot stop for a catastrophe.  Our experienced crews at SERVPRO are ready for any size disaster.  In this situation our team setup a temporary office, with electricity, telephone lines, fax lines and air conditioning.

Vandalism cleanup from fire extinguisher

This client had a tenant abuse their hotel room with a fire extinguisher.  The hotel was overwhelmed and did not know what to do, so they called SERVPRO.  In less than a day, SERVPRO had the entire room cleaned and ready to rent that night! The client was very pleased that they would no longer be losing business.

Vandalism from needles and trash

This client had illegal trespassing from criminals who left piles of trash and medical needles.  This was a potentially dangerous situation for the client and they asked the experts at SERVPRO to help them out.  Our experienced and certified team safely removed and discarded the trash and medical needles, according to state, county and city regulations.  The client was very relieved since their potentially dangerous situation was resolved quickly and professionally.