Recent Before & After Photos

Rain storm in commercial offices

The roof in a commercial office building failed during a large rain storm, leaving our client temporarily out of business.  They quickly called the profess... READ MORE

Mold on drywall in a Church

This client had a storage room which was full of boxes and decorations.  When they moved all the boxes they found out water had been soaking into their ext... READ MORE

Smoke damage from a wildfire

This customer and their home survived a devastating wildfire.  The wildfire burned hundreds of homes in the area and burned right up to their fence.  ... READ MORE

Flood water from a rain storm

This client had a storm drain fill up with leaves and debris in the street outside of their commercial building.  The water pooled up about three feet deep... READ MORE

Flood water into commercial building

This client had rain water build up in their parking lot from a clogged storm drain.  The rain water became contaminated from grease and oil in the parking... READ MORE

Flood damage to downstairs ceiling

This customer accidentally left the water running in their upstairs bath tub which flooded their house.  The water flooded the bathroom, hallway and three ... READ MORE

Water damage in ceiling

These series of photos illustrate a water damage from upstairs that came down into the ceiling down.  The water even went into the light fixture, which can... READ MORE

Mold contamination can be very deceiving

This before and after photo series illustrates how deceiving mold contamination can be.  The first picture shows a small amount of mold contamination that ... READ MORE

Smoke Cleaning of statue

Smoke or soot damage to personal contents happen very frequently.  This before and after picture set is an example that illustrates the fine layer of soot ... READ MORE

Oven fire in Kitchen

This customer had their oven catch fire in their Kitchen, which caused black soot to travel throughout most of their home.  The homeowner trusted the exper... READ MORE